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Published: 21st September 2011
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Bespoke furniture is furniture that can be custom-made to your specification. The most important element of bespoke office furniture is that, you will be in complete control over the design, colours, size and other features. Generally, bespoke office furniture describes high degree of your involvement and customization in the production of the furniture of your choice.

Advantages of Bespoke Office Furniture:

The speciality of bespoke furniture is, you can choose everything, right from material to the final finish. Depending upon your budget you can alter various features in the kind of office furniture you choose. The advantages of bespoke office furniture are

  • They can be made to order.

  • You can determine the dimensions, size and shape.

  • You will have the option of choosing from a wide range of materials that go into the production of bespoke office furniture.

  • Since you will be in complete control, bespoke furniture can work out to be quite reasonable compared to ready-made office furniture.

  • Bespoke office furniture can be custom made to fit into any kind of office space.

  • Bespoke office furniture can be ordered from online stores.

  • Tips on Caring For Your Bespoke Office Furniture:

    Office furniture, whether they are affordable or expensive, can be quite challenging to replace them on a regular basis. Therefore, you must ensure to take good care of your office furniture if you want them to stay looking good for a long time. Here are some tips on caring for your Office Furniture

  • If you have leather furniture in your office, donít expose them to sunlight as it can damage the leather.

  • Do not use alcohol based cleaners on your leather chairs.

  • Use a desk pad for office desks to avoid scratches and stains. Desk pads can be wiped clean with a soft cloth dipped in mild cleaning solution.

  • Encourage the use of coasters to avoid tea/coffee cup stains.

  • Loose screws, nuts and bolts should be tightened.

  • Attend to small damages immediately to avoid further damage.

  • If your office furniture gets damaged during the warranty period, then return to the store from where you purchased, for immediate replacement.

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